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Bedbug treatment in Angus

Is your home infested with bedbugs? We can carry out efficient bedbug treatments and bedbug extermination.
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Eradicate bedbugs from your home

Bedbugs breed very quickly and you have to get rid of the whole life cycle of the infestation to annihilate them. For this, you will need professional bedbug treatment. Remember that bedbugs do not just live in the bed. Other areas, mostly around the bed, need to be treated as well. If there is a crack or crevice anywhere, it will be a good bed for bedbugs. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know if you actually have a bedbug problem. You might be getting bites, but unsure where they are coming from. They also tend to hide quite a bit, so a tell-tale sign is if you can see little blood spots on the covers.
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Bedbug extermination

To be sure that bedbugs are eradicated, call Angus Hygiene & Pest Control, as they have all the most efficient bedbug treatments to control your problem. Bedbugs can survive in upholstery, clothes, on blankets, sheets, behind bedroom furniture, all sorts of cracks and crevices, mattresses - almost anywhere. They can adapt to cold and hot environments. They are attracted to warm human bodies as well as the carbon dioxide we breathe out.
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Eliminate bedbugs completely

Bedbugs survive on the blood of their victims. They usually get to work just before dawn, but they won't wake you up because you won't feel them. The reason for that is they inject a numbing agent as they bite you so that it won't hurt you. Once that agent wears off, the bite will be very itchy (but don't scratch it!) and it may appear like a rash, or spots with pus in the middle. In addition to bedbugs, we can also provide hygiene services and mice control.
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