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Effective mouse control in Angus

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Mouse infestation control in Angus

Mice are nocturnal creatures, so you might not see them during the day at all, meaning that you might only see the signs that they have been there. They leave dark coloured droppings around the place and constantly chew on things. Gnawed furniture, cereal boxes, or any number of other things, most importantly cables, are signs that you have a mouse infestation. The chewing of cables, apart from causing serious damage to your electrical appliances, can lead to a fire. This is why it's particularly dangerous. The best way of noticing mice at night is to listen carefully for a scurrying sound. 

How to get rid of mice?

Of all the infestations you can get, a mouse infestation is perhaps one of the cutest. They might be furry and quite easy on the eye, but they carry diseases. They are a nuisance with their constant gnawing on things, and can create a potential fire hazard as well.

Mice breed very quickly so it is important to get rid of your mouse infestation as soon as you can. If you have infestation of mice, it is essential that you call Angus Hygiene & Pest Control to be sure of getting rid of the problem.
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Keep mice away from your home

Mice are incontinent, urinating anywhere they go, and they can easily transfer tapeworms, salmonella food poisoning, ringworm and meningitis.

Keeping mice out of your house in the first place is obviously a form of mouse control preferred to getting rid of them once they are in. Once we get rid of them, you want to be sure that they stay out. Furthermore, we also offer rat and bedbug control services.
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