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Is your home infested with rats?          Contact Angus Hygiene & Pest Control  for efficient rat control in Angus.

Indications of a rat infestation

Rats are generally nocturnal animals. So you might see signs of rat infestation before you actually see any rats. There are obvious things to look for, such as rat droppings, which share the general dimensions of a sultana. Also, chewed bits of furniture or wiring could also be a sign of a rat infestation, although that could also be an indication of mice.

Holes in the wall are another sign of rat infestation, as are smears on the wall. These come from the oil on the rats' fur, which comes off when they rub against it. Rat infestation is serious due to the danger of contracting diseases. 
When you'll come face to face with a rat, it won't be a pretty sight. You should be careful that you don't get into a position where they can bite you, as this will be very painful and quite serious.
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Prevent rat infestation

Our experts can advise you on how to get rid of rats effectively. The best way to eradicate the rats is with rat poison. They generally mistrust new sources of food and it will usually take them a few nights before they take the poisoned bait.
Pets and young children should of course be kept away from the bait. Once the rats ingest the poison, it can take  a few days for it to be effective. So you will have to be patient.
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How to get rid of rats?

In an attempt to gather material for their nests they will chew anything, including power cables, creating a possible fire hazard. Rats are more common during the winter. Rats multiply rapidly, with each female capable of giving birth to around six litters every year. Each litter produces half a dozen to a dozen baby rats. It's therefore very important to contact Angus Hygiene & Pest Control to exercise rat control procedures as soon as you notice rat activity. In addition to rat control, we also offer ant and wasp control.
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