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Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning Services in Angus

In addition to our professional pest control services, we offer a window cleaning service. 
Domestic and Commercial premises cleaned using the reach and wash system
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About Reach & Wash 

We will be using purified water to clean your windows and will be using special brushes mounted onto telescopic poles to reach the high windows. The pole is connected via a hose to a water storage tank in our van which has a pump to push the water up the pole.

"Reach & Wash" is by far the safest and most cost effective method of cleaning windows, with excellent results.
• Cleans windows, normally up to 2 storeys high with ease.
• Operators work from the safety of the ground
• Used for cleaning windows, glass roofs, signs, panelling, and veluxs.
• Eliminates the use of ladders for simple window cleaning jobs
• Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease 
• Easily reaches windows over obstructions such as lawns or flower beds
• Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used
• Maintains privacy with reduced disturbances
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How it works:

Ever heard of the monsoon effect?
Shortly after the rains have fallen, Indian people can breathe easily and feel the air is fresher. Reason being, pure water from the clouds absorbs all the dust and dirt which the air contains. Our system has implemented this concept and works in the same way, pure water acting as a magnet for dirt, leaving your window squeaky clean.

When pure water is used for window cleaning the impurities on the glass are held in the water, as the pure water strives to return to its impure state. The glass is then given a final rinse with the water fed poles to leave the glass totally sterile. Our window cleaning system produces a high level of Pure water. Pure water (0 ppm) leaves your window neat and clean. With spot free water, your windows dry spotless without the need of wiping the contaminates off. No detergent residue means that windows do not get dirty so quickly, windows stay cleaner...longer.

The Technical Bit.
Deionisation (DI) is a water filtration process whereby total dissolved solids (TDS) are removed from water through ion exchange. In simple terms, by controlling the electric charge of ions in the water, it is possible to remove the TDS. ... The hydrogen and hydroxide ions then combine to form water.

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